The kind of Operatic Evenings you should be having!

The Metropolitan Opera house does not disappoint. It’s the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and hope to be featured on the @lastnightatthemet Instagram feed. #goals Going to the opera is always a great opportunity for introducing newbies to the art form.  For an especially good time, bring a friend you can talk opera with, get rush … Continue reading The kind of Operatic Evenings you should be having!

Adventure #4: LES and Clubbin’

KATHLEEN: This adventure was one of our hangouts from a few weeks back. Lindsey was running a meager HOUR late, so I was thrilled to find this coffee shop/wine & beer cafe open late on the lower east side. Seriously, it makes me so frustrated that all the coffee shops close early. Coffee is cheaper … Continue reading Adventure #4: LES and Clubbin’

Eat More Dessert

Kathleen We decided to meet up last Saturday night, our original plans were to see a movie, but why bother when you can spend the whole night perfectly content to gab away. One of our shared strengths... we can talk all day long. #professionaltalkers  #professionalsingers = basically the same thing. Before meeting up with Lindsey, I … Continue reading Eat More Dessert

To the Bowery!

Lindsey I truly believe that we all feel a certain level of need for adventure in our lives. I also believe that the attention we pay to this need has a direct correlation to our level of happiness. Simply put, I need many adventures to be happy. Whenever I find myself in a is … Continue reading To the Bowery!