About Us


Hello! Thank you for visiting Deutschland Darlings!

Allow us to introduce ourselves! We are Kathleen and Lindsey and we met at the start of 2016 while at a Young Artist Program in Florida where we both covered leading roles. One of the very first days of the program we were assigned a concert together and got to sing the Barcarolle from The Tales of Hoffman. The rest is history- it’s been bestie love ever since!

While we spent three months together in Florida, between hours of rehearsals, we spent time studying music on the beach, parodying Drunk History with our own brilliant Drunk Opera History, looking up YouTube videos of how to “Dougie,” making late night steaks, doing the Whole 30 cleanse, and walking home from the opera house in very bold stage makeup and pincurls. Life is never dull when we are together!

The dream of this blog came about when we decided to make serious plans for an audition season in Germany. Every time we get together we dream big dreams, make big plans, and meet fabulous new people. The adventures we happen upon are uplifting, silly, educational…and, at times, ridiculous. We agreed it was about time for them to be documented and that is how Deutschland Darlings was born.

So… here we are to share our knowledge and our experiences with all of you. Being who we are, it is a certainty that the content of this site will cover a wide range of topics from our opera careers to our latest adventures.

It is our hope that you find our blog as a place to celebrate sillyness. We hope that in our own special way, we can satisfy your thirst for knowledge, diverse opinions, and (most importantly) your curiosities about what it is like to live an adventurous life as an artist in a big city. You, too, can make every day of your life an exciting adventure!

So a warm welcome to Deutschland Darlings. We are musicians, creators, dreamers, adventurers, best friends, and hamburger lovin’ girly girls. It is our everlasting goal to leave a positive mark on this world and of course on you…our darling readers.

Liebe und Küsse (Love and Kisses)

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