Operapolitan.com Launching In July

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Dear Friends,

We are finishing up work on Operapolitan.com and we are thrilled to let you know that the full launch of the Operapolitan.com website is coming in early July!

Our mission for this website is to provide a comforting, online home for opera singers and opera lovers. Operapolitan.com will be a place to find restoration and inspiration in a field that often leaves us weary.

Expect to find essential information, good reading, beautiful singing, and other media as varied as the voices within the opera business. From silly to serious- it is our goal to bring forth anything and everything that matters and offers value to the lives of the Operapolitan readership.

Upon the launch of Operapolitan.com we will invite you to join us in building a new kind of operatic community- one strongly founded in knowledge, kindness, good humor, encouragement, and inspiration. Our vision is such that Operapolitan.com will provide a “One stop Opera Shop” where singers (no matter where they are in the world) can access meaningful, educational, humorous, and comforting materials that will help to make their (often stressful) lives a little easier…and a lot happier.

Operapolitan.com will be the perfect homepage for every opera singer’s web browser. Content will be updated frequently, so, each time you visit Operapolitan.com, we are confident it will be a fun and enriching experience. We want you to learn with us, be moved with us, and (most importantly) laugh with us! We hope you will be inspired and motivated by our handpicked, unique collection of media, information about the business and, of course, by our original Operapolitan articles, interviews, and media, specifically tailored towards the hearts, minds, and journeys of you…our beloved performing artists.

Thank you for the enthusiasm you have shared with us regarding the impending launch of Operapolitan.com. And thank you for your patience as we work to build a comforting online home for Opera Singers- completely dedicated to your well-being, success, and happiness.

***Our Instagram and Facebook Accounts are already changed over to @Operapolitan.
Please take a moment to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss the big launch!

Facebook: @Operapolitan
Instagram: @Operapolitanlogo


This site is FOR YOU. Let us know if there is any topic or issue you would like to see addressed/included on Operapolitan.com. We truly want for this site to be a place where everyone in our community can find their interests represented, as well as a strong sense of support and comfort.

Also, let us know if you have a project of your own or a blog about Opera (or anything relevant to Singer Life.) If you do, we would love to refer people to it.

Please contact us with your thoughts so we can bring you what you want!

Ways To Contact Us:

Facebook or Instagram Messages @Operapolitan

Comment here with your ideas

E-mail: Operapolitan@gmail.com

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