The Making of a Blog

Adventure #3: The Making of a Blog

This was the best adventure to date, because on this adventure we were able to publish our first blog post!

After working an 8 hour shift (#baristalife) I went into the city to meet Lindsey. She had been texting me all day about the amazing secret library she found in The Nomad Hotel, complete with cute German boys sitting at the next table over. I had to get there!
Upon entering the hotel, I passed through the main restaurant, landed in a bar then through the bar was a library sitting area where you could order drinks and coffees!

I felt like I was in the library from Beauty and the Beast, what could be better? Lindsey had already enjoyed a cappuccino and a slice of Brooklyn Blackout Cake, then once I arrived we ordered drinks and got to work on finishing the blog. When I went to find the restroom I stumbled into yet another bar, complete with men in fitted suits enjoying happy hour after work. If I could live here, I would. I even overheard two gentlemen say the last time they were here George Clooney was sitting next to them! So, don’t just take it from us, this place is Clooney approved.

Even though our blog is still a baby, it took a lot of work to put together! We were ready to celebrate once we finished uploading our first post and decided to treat ourselves to a movie. As we were leaving we noticed the cute doormen and a dream was born. We decided the sexy doormen of NYC are worth documenting, mainly because we feel like royalty when two gorgeous men open double doors for us. If you have not taken the opportunity to revel in that moment, we encourage you to! We like to say “thanks boys,” and then yell down the street, “where’s Jeeves with my car???!!”



Our movie tradition has been to find the nearest BBQ to sneak into films with us. Why spend $20 on popcorn when you can bring in a full meal of brisket and wings, I say? Somehow, Dallas BBQ is always next to the theaters we go to, so in keeping with tradition we split a bucket of wings.

Split, with James McAvoy, was our film of choice. He was definitely the highlight of the movie and his ability to switch between personalities was masterful. However, there were moments that left us in stitches instead of fright. Luckily, we had BBQ to save the day and we left amused while discussing possible alternate endings. #Mknightshyamalindsey

The Nomad Library

p.s. Don’t ever order a sloe gin fizz, Lindsey tried and we decided it tastes like smarties & emergen-c (I mean, unless you’re into that)

p.s.s. DO go to The Nomad, immediately, and say Hi to Omar and Tom for us!

Happy Adventuring!
Liebe und Küsse, darlings

Let us know your favorite snack to sneak into the movies!


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