Happy Valentine’s Day: Party of One

To all my darling singles:

Happy Valentine’s Season… that season when love is in the air and unsolicited pity is rained down upon society’s singletons.


In my 31 years on this earth, I have spent the majority of those years single. I don’t know what the future will bring… but up until this point, evidence shows that I am not a relationship type of girl. During the earliest years of my life I had valid, socially acceptable excuses for my singledom. At first… I was a baby. It is okay for babies to be single. Fast forward to the teenage years… I was raised in a conservative, Catholic household. My first boyfriend was at the age of 17, right before I went off to college at my amazing Alma Mater, St. Mary’s College. It happens to be an all women’s college and therefore not the best dating scene. After college I went on to earn my Master’s Degree at The Cleveland Institute of Music and without pause dove right into the opera career that I continue to build to this day.

A career in music presents its own set of challenges for finding that special someone. Lest you be worried…my interest is intact and I am open to finding love. Showmances come and go, I have crushes, and I date. However,  I just haven’t found the man who I see myself growing old with, and I am not content to settle. Settling isn’t fair to either party involved. I am, however, content with the company of myself. I am proud of my education, my career, my life experiences, my continued efforts to better myself, and my ability to enjoy independence (but certainly will welcome any man who can truly improve upon my solitude.)


This post is in no way meant to insult those whom I have dated, they were mostly lovely, just not for me in the long run. Nor is it intended to snub those who are happily coupled. The message I hope to impart is that society should not judge anyone based on their choice to be single or in a relationship. There are much greater problems in this world. It is important for me to remember that although I don’t currently have a romantic relationship,  relationships with oneself, friends, and family are just as valuable as their romantic counterparts. Anyone who attempts to make you feel otherwise clearly needs to work on the aforementioned relationship with themselves.

So, this Valentine’s day I implore all of you single ladies and gents to celebrate all of your relationships indiscriminately. Watch sappy love movies, horror movies, drink wine, and get dressed up just to feel fabulous. I know I will be doing all of these things, all while remembering the words of a wise woman who once told me, “Lindsey, it will take a mighty good man to be better than no man at all.”


p.s.  Don’t forget that St. Valentine was single too! Valentine’s day is actually the anniversary of his death when he was beaten to near death by clubs and then beheaded… so, horror movies are an entirely appropriate way to remember him.


Love others. Love yourself. Love a bacon burger… just judge less and love more.

Liebe und küsse

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