Eat More Dessert


We decided to meet up last Saturday night, our original plans were to see a movie, but why bother when you can spend the whole night perfectly content to gab away. One of our shared strengths… we can talk all day long. #professionaltalkers  #professionalsingers = basically the same thing.

Before meeting up with Lindsey, I had drinks at The Park in the meatpacking district and it was awesome! The Park has light strung trees growing inside, abundant seating in different areas, and an upstairs bar and lounge that opens after 10. I ordered The Bonfire, a drink with fresh jalapeños and tequila, it was super spicy and a great kick to start the night off!

Lindsey spent the day making history marching with the women of NYC, no big. I discovered dip nails and had a first date. Needless to say, her day was slightly more interesting. We met at Cooper’s, a place we had previously shared hot toddy’s in early October. I walked in because I saw the $3 sliders sign only to realize, I’ve been here before!


I ate my $3 Sliders (a Saturday special of theirs’) with a big bowl of truffle fries, all while Lindsey regaled me with stories from the march. Then we left to find a quieter place to discuss Germany plans, Lindsey’s upcoming photo shoot (she had her hair done by Bombshell Studios and loved it) and the nuanced differences between romantic spark and chemistry (which we are still mulling over).


Finally we stumbled into Crispo, a charming little Italian Restaurant (West 14th Street between 7th and 8th Ave.) It was the perfect place for us to gab near Greenwich Village with dim lighting, exposed brick and excellent coffee. Lindsey had the decaf cappuccino and I the americano. When I saw Creme brûlée on the menu, paired with a chocolate au pan, I knew I just couldn’t share. We both had our own servings and it was phenomenal! It made me question why I ever skip dessert.

Stay Sweet, my darlings!

Liebe und Küsse

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