To the Bowery!


I truly believe that we all feel a certain level of need for adventure in our lives. I also believe that the attention we pay to this need has a direct correlation to our level of happiness. Simply put, I need many adventures to be happy. Whenever I find myself in a funk…it is usually because I have gone through a period when I fall victim to routine and let my inner explorer take the neglected back seat.

We’re not talking epic adventures to Paris or the Brazilian rainforest…although once in awhile it’s nice to up the ante! Instead, we’re talking simple adventures shaped by your interests, your current location, and a desire to make your life extraordinary. You hold the power to make your life as exciting as you’d like. This concept of adventure culture may be new to you- but that is where we come in! The Deutschland Darlings want to provide you with examples of our own everyday adventures to show you how the combination of spontaneity, a good burger, a walk, and a bar with a fireplace can add a special layer to your life when looked at from a different perspective.

Our first adventure of 2017 took us to Barnes and Noble in Union Square, 5 Napkin Burger, and ultimately the glamorous Bowery Hotel!


 It had been weeks since seeing each other last, and let me tell you, my heart felt it. Our mini adventures are always coordinated between both of our intensely hectic schedules. Between Lindsey’s full-time job and my random 5 jobs, it’s a miracle that we find time to get together! I am so glad we have come to prioritize our hang out sessions. Being with a kindred spirit can rejuvenate the soul. Do not neglect those opportunities and rob yourself of that joy, my friends!

Of course, I was running late to meet Lindsey at Barnes & Noble in Union Square (so we could then head to our traditional burger date). After the initial greeting, and to no surprise of mine, I found that Lindsey had managed to make a new friend who happened to be an energy reader. If you were wondering, Lindsey has good energy and apparently a pearl aura? The night was off to its’ usually unusual start.


I would like to say we both typically try to eat one cube of cheese per day, but the truth is, we both share an affection for red meat, in particular, burgers. So, be warned, most of our adventures involve a bacon cheeseburger at some point in the night. Off to 5 Napkin Burger, we went. Normally we try new things and stick to local places, which are easy to find in NYC, but not this night. (Well, it was actually a new place to Lindsey if that counts at all.) We joked with our host, who I’m convinced was a musical theatre kid (most hosts are, so that’s not a really brilliant assumption on my part.) We learned about a new piercing, a microdermal implant, which our waitress has next to her eye. She said she found out that it could only be surgically removed after she got it… WHOOPS. Consider this your forewarning. We devoured and recommend, the Bacon Cheddar(duh,) and the Spicy Blue (yum).

Next up, the famous Bowery Hotel. I am on a mission to go to bars with fireplaces while it’s cold out. Lindsey makes my dreams a reality by suggesting we walk to The Bowery Hotel. We loved the doormen, the dark cozy interior and the hotel guests discussing their tourist plans on the couches that surrounded the big roaring fireplace. We went on a Monday night, the place was not crowded, but unfortunately you need to be a hotel guest to sit in the main seating area. We walked through the seating area to the equally cozy and cute bar area with the quintessential bartender and his impressive man bun. I had to savor the season and order the Mulled Cider made with Monkey Rum. If you don’t mind the coconut, give it a try! Otherwise, you can sub the rum for whiskey or tequila. Lindsey had the “Ginger and Spice.” It looked delicious, and if she wasn’t sick, I definitely would have tried it!

Honestly we just drank in the atmosphere, we loved that it was dimly lit and because it was a Monday and uncrowded we could take our time relaxing and catching up about our Christmas breaks. We had a lot to catch up about including: the start of our blog, discussing our future trip to Deutschland(Germany), Christmas catastrophes and NYE kisses! I hope your holidays were equally eventful!

***Exclusive Deutschland Darling tip:
We got the lowdown from the bartender on how to get fireplace seating. Besides being a guest at the hotel, go early in the week and if it’s not too crowded, ASK and they may just let you sit there!

Leave a comment about your latest adventure!

Until next time, Darlings! -Liebe und Küsse


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